Walking Aids

Millers provides a wide array of walking aids to assist those on the go, from canes to rolling walkers and crutches.

When you’re accustomed to living an active life, a sudden disability can certainly cramp your style. Even a sprained ankle can make it difficult to do what you want and need to do every day. A mobility aid from Millers Pharmacy can help get you back on your feet and back in the game. Whether your disability is temporary or will be with you for a while, we can help you find products that will make life easier.

Canes and Walking Sticks

Millers carries a wide variety of canes and walking sticks for men, women and children, both traditional and decorative. Our Surgical Manager at Millers can help offer advice when choosing a cane or walker. Canes must be the right height for you: we cut canes at Millers to make sure it is the proper fit and will adjust it appropriately based on your height and educate you on the safest way to use it.

Come in an try one out or check out our full selection here.

Womens Cane
Children's Cane
Mens Cane
Decorative Handle Cane
Waking Stick

Millers can repair wheelchairs (power and manual), lift chairs (Millers is a Certified Golden Tech® lift chair repair center), scooters, walkers, and ramps. In-home repair service is available. Although Medicare will not allow us to bill them for certain new equipment, we are able to repair most equipment you already have.

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