College Care Packages

September 20, 2017 by Miller Admin


College can be a tough time of adjustment for young adults, particularly with all the responsibilities. A care package from home is a great way to let them know you still have their back. While when asked, most kids will say “send money”, essential items they may not be thinking about will really make a difference and help prepare them for the inevitable.

Over and above items like cold and flu remedies, pain relievers, treats, first-aid and toiletry items consider packing in a few bottles of essential vitamins! College life can be very taxing on the body. Little nutrition, less sleep and more work leaves a body needing a vitamin boost. Millers also recommends a probiotic for those students whose diets are really suffering. Even a cleanse would be a good idea! Stop in to the pharmacy to speak with one of our Clinical Nutritionists to find the right products for your child.

Remember good health begins in the gut! A healthy student is a happy student. 🙂

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