Did You Know: 10 Signs You Need a Vacation

August 11, 2015 by Kathleen Wolfe


Is the daily grind taking its toll? If you answer Yes to the following signs, you need to put in for vacation and take it!

10 Signs You Need a Vacation

  1. Little problems seem huge
  2. Coworkers ask if you’re alright
  3. You’re making unusual mistakes
  4. You’re overly cynical, signaling burnout
  5. You’re engaging in counterproductive work behaviors, such as taking extra-long breaks or arguing with coworkers
  6. You’re in physical pain, due to stress
  7. Your stomach’s upset
  8. You have trouble sleeping
  9. You end your day with a glass of wine instead of a healthier option like exercise
  10. You lost the sense of purpose of your work

If time is out of the question, there are homeopathic “stress vacation” aids, such as Adrenaplex, which includes botanical extracts, Vitamin C and B6 to help combat stress. And Calm Essentials, which includes the ingredients Mandarin, Basil, and Exotic Verbena which have been shown to reduce anxiety and promote calming effects. Both can be found here at Millers Pharmacy and in our online store.


(Compiled by TIME: http://time.com/3958671/vacation-benefits/)

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