Did You Know: Sneezing

September 18, 2015 by Kathleen Wolfe


Did you know that a single sneeze can cause you to use up to 5 muscles, just to get rid of that tickle? Some of the muscles involved are the abdominal muscles, the chest muscles, the diaphragm, the muscles that control your vocal cords, and muscles in the back of your throat. And don’t forget the eyelid muscles! Did you know that you always close your eyes when you sneeze? And allergy season is upon us – with a LOT of sneezing.


Come to Millers for the relief you need, especially King Bio Northeast Allergens, which specifically pre-treats and treats the allergens common to this area. A must! Moms swear by it – we can barely keep enough in the pharmacy to supply the demand. So send a packet of tissues to school with your child for those sneezes, but make sure to spray them with this *proven* homeopathic spray before they walk out the door.

Available online at millerspharmacy.com here!

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