Dry Mouth

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When your mouth is as dry as a desert, it’s tough to talk and food tastes like cardboard. If this condition occurs often or when you’re not at the beach or running a marathon, you may have xerostomia. This condition is caused by a complete absence or very low levels of saliva. If your saliva level is very low, cracked lips, bad breath and sore throat can result. Xerostomia also can promote tooth decay, gum disease and oral fungal infections.


Saliva is essential to good oral health because it:

  • Washes away food particles
  • Helps prevent tooth decay by inhibiting bacterial growth
  • Makes food easier to swallow
  • Begins the process of digestion by breaking down food


Extremely dry mouth can be caused by certain medications, cancer therapy, or ongoing health conditions including diabetes or Parkinson’s Disease. Fortunately, there are ways to help keep your mouth moist. Sipping water and chewing sugar-free gum often help. If you are still smoking, it’s time to stop since smoking contributes to the condition. In addition, there are saliva replacement products with similar consistency and mouth feel to the real thing. Ask the pharmacists at Millers to help you select the best product for you. www.millerspharmacy.com

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