Keeping Your Kids “Sharp” All Summer Long

June 8, 2017 by Miller Admin


Summer break is just around the corner and for kids it’s time to celebrate- no more school for a LONG time! Parents however, may recall that rough start their kids had last Fall after allowing their little minds a bit too much R&R during Summer vacation.  Of course it’s important for children to enjoy some pressure-free downtime, but not all downtime needs to abandon use of the ‘ole noggin. Here are some stealthy ways to sneak in some learning disguised as fun during the next few months.

Join a Summer Reading Club-Many public libraries have Summer Reading Clubs full of great books and prize incentives. Our very own Wyckoff Public Library has one! You can amp up the challenge by adding incentives of your own for each chapter or book completed. Make it fun!

Make Screen Time Work-We live in a world ruled by devices! Our kids are borderline addicted to technology, so lets use that to our advantage. There are so many educational games and apps you can install on any device. Now this will not replace the digital fun they most enjoy, but if you put in the condition that in order to play Minecraft or film a or whichever app is the coolest thing now, they must first complete 15-30 minutes of educational fun via the app you’ve installed, everybody wins! Check out this list of the best learning apps for kids of all ages.

TV Time Trade Off– Most of the television shows for kids today aren’t what you would call educational. However, services like Netflix have a slew of educational documentaries and series’ that are family friendly, inspiring and thought provoking. Like the Mars Generation based on Nasa’s Space Camp for kids in Alabama. Consider a “Boob Tube Bargain” that requires a certain amount of educational programming in order to view some of their favorite programs. Watch the shows together and discuss what you’ve learned.

Stay Active– Summer is hot, but there are pools and even sprinklers to keep cool while staying active. Exercise helps keeps kids focused and sharp all through the year, but with so much fun to be had during balloon fights, catching fireflies and riding bikes it’s extra fun when the days are longer. Let your kids get creative outside, even if it’s messy, it’s outside! Here are some super fun (albeit messy) ideas for your kids to do OUTSIDE this summer!

Of course proper nutrition and getting plenty of sleep are key ingredients to having a happy and healthy child all year long. If you have any concerns about your child’s nutrition, Millers Pharmacy offers a FREE 15 minute consultation with our clinical nutritionists on staff. Give us a call or stop in at any time to schedule yours. Happy Summer!

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