Meet our Professional Fitting Staff

Arnita Brown, ABC, AOPA, BOC is a Certified Fitter: She is a Registered Certified
Mastectomy and Orthotic Fitter credentialed by The American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics Inc. and The Board of Certification and Accreditation International. She is a Professional Member of AAOP, American Academy of Orthotists and Prosehetists. She is also certified in Custom and non-Custom Compression Therapy and Lymphedema Garments.



Lisa Margolis is an ABC Certified Fitter: She is a Certified Orthotic Fitter credentialed by The American Board of Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics, Inc. Additionally, she has earned a Master of Science degree in Physical Therapy and a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science. Although she has retired from the Physical Therapy profession, she brings a strong background knowledge of anatomy, physiology and therapeutic interventions to our Fitting Department.







The fitters at Millers are certified Orthotic and Mastectomy fitters. They can fit you for compression garments, including stockings and gloves; braces and orthoses, for back, knee, elbow, etc; orthopedic footwear; post-operative products; maternity products; mastectomy products; plastic surgery and lyposuction compression garments and custom styled wigs for medical hair loss. We have a private fitting room for your convenience.

The expert fitters at Millers can make sure your product will fit and function exactly as it should for you. They can personally fit:

Custom and Non-Custom Compression Garments

  • Gradient Compression Garments for the Upper and Lower Extremities (Stockings/Arm Sleeves / Gloves / Gauntlets)
  • Sports Compression Socks
  • CircAid Lymphedema Products
  • Post-Op Compression Garments

0039470_jobst-ultrasheer-knee-high-open-toe-compression-hose-15-20-mmhg imagesjuxta_fit_ankle_foot_wrap_large


Braces and Orthoses

  • Spinal
  • Upper & Lower Extremity Bracing
  • Sports Braces



Orthopedic Footwear




Post-Operative Products

Including: Girdles • Vests • Boots • Aircasts



Maternity Products

  • Support Belts
  • Compression & support stockings
  • Back & Cradle Support Products



Mastectomy Products
Millers trained and certified female fitters understand the unique needs of our customers. Our staff is committed to providing our services in a caring and warm
environment. Our goal is to achieve the perfect combination of comfort and design for our clients.



  • Girdles
  • Full Body Garments
  • Face Garments
  • Garments for Men

fitting_girdle  fitting_head_garmentfitting_mens_garment


We offer a large selection of most major brands.

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Styling Available
  • Heat Friendly Wigs
  • We Fit Children Too!