Certified Orthotic and Mastectomy Fitters

Millers trained and certified female fitters understand the unique needs of our customers. Our fitters are certified expert Orthotic and Mastectomy fitters will make sure your product will fit and function exactly as it should for you. They can fit you for orthopedic footwear, post-operative products and mastectomy products.
Our staff is committed to providing our services in a caring and warm environment.

Mastectomy Products

  • Forms and Bras for Mastectomy and Lumpectomy Surgeries
  • Swimwear
  • Turbans, Headscarves, Hats
  • Compression Sleeves

Mastectomy Fitting

Orthopedic Footwear

  • Orthopedic Shoes
  • Foot Orthotics
    Orthopedic Shoes

Post-Operative Products


  • Chin Splints
  • Plastic Surgery Girdles/Vests/Compression Bras
  • Post Op Shoes/Cast Boots
  • AirCast Autochill Systems
    Post Op BracePost Operative Boot
We have a private fitting room for your convenience.


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Meet our Professional Fitting Staff

Arnita Brown, ABC, AOPA, BOC is a Certified Fitter: She is a Registered Certified

Artist Brown
Mastectomy and Orthotic Fitter credentialed by The American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics Inc. and The Board of Certification and Accreditation International. She is a Professional Member of AAOP, American Academy of Orthotists and Prosehetists. She is also certified in Custom and non-Custom Compression Therapy and Lymphedema Garments.