Pollen is Coming

March 2, 2017 by Miller Admin


Each Spring, trees release billions of tiny pollen grains into the air. The green/yellow pollen dust coverage on your vehicle can get so thick, you could write in it! Anyone who suffers from hay fever or seasonal allergies knows this is just about the worst time of the year. At Millers, we are well stocked with information and remedies to ease you through the upcoming allergy season.

  • Limit your time outdoors. Hard as it may be, as the season turns warmer, it does help if you shorten your walks. If you have to be outside, wearing sunglasses can help reduce those nasty pollen grains from getting into your eyes and causing all that itchiness. If you need to be outside for extended periods, perhaps a face mask might be in order.
  • Washing your body, hands, and hair after you return indoors is not only a good practice to reduce the spreading of germs, it can help reduce the pollen from entering and scattering around your house.
  • Shutting windows and taking off your shoes can also help reduce pollen spreading inside the house. It’s hard not to let that “fresh air” inside, but it’s best to wait until all the pollen has fallen.
  • Take allergy medication. At Millers, we recommend the homeopathic King Bio sprays – they can be very effective. Spray into the mouth three times, then gently on the eyes, and then spray a mist in front of you and lean forward to breathe in: 2 times. Mornings is the best time to spray: don’t wait for sniffling and watery eyes! Visit our website for more great allergy relieving products.

Whether you visit us in-store or online, Millers has you covered with great products and advice to get you through the dreaded Allergy Season!

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