The Vacation Blues

February 14, 2017 by Miller Admin

President’s week is nearly upon us which means many of us are looking forward to getting out of these cold temps and getting away! Maybe you don’t get sad or depressed when you go on vacation, but your pets probably do. You know that look your dog gives when you are gleefully packing your suitcase, heartbreaking!

We can’t always take our pets with us, so what can we do for them during those long stretches of separation to ease their sadness or anxiety? Of course there is no substitution for training, social interaction and gradual introduction to pet sitters or kennels, but when you need a fast solution to comfort your best pals, there are some wonderful products that can help.

Inside the Millers Pharmacy Pet Corner, we offer several products that aim to calm, soothe and comfort our four legged family members when we just can’t bring them along. Just click on any image below to learn more! All products available in the Pharmacy or online.

Anxiety & Stress Homeopathic Remedy
A natural aid for stress-related symptoms: anxiety, restlessness, separation anxiety, panting, drooling, whining, fear of loud noises, aggression, cowering, hyperexcitability, listlessness, trembling, stress-licking.
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