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The human body has an almost miraculous ability to restore itself back to a state of health and vitality. Schedule a Complete Health and Wellness Assessment today and discover the ways our Clinical Staff can help you!

Millers Wellness Program
At Millers, we support a science-based health care approach, which assesses and treats underlying causes of illness through individually tailored therapies. Having trouble losing weight? Eating less and exercising more not working as it used to? Experiencing hair loss, changes in skin texture and luster? You may be experiencing the result of hormonal imbalances, food allergies, or other health-related issues. A comprehensive health survey can review your nutritional and hormonal conditions, and can help you lose weight, keep it off, and stay fit for a lifetime. The professionals at Millers, working with your doctor, can address these conditions and more: • Hormone Replacement • Diabetes • Cardiovascular Illness • Anti-Aging Treatments • Increased Energy • Weight Loss • Infertility • • Osteoporosis • Metabolic Syndrome • Loss of Libido • ADHD

Metabolic Syndrome and Osteoporosis
Metabolic syndrome is a combination of medical disorders that, when occurring together, increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The two most important risk factors for metabolic syndrome are extra weight around the middle and upper parts of the body and insulin resistance, in which the body cannot use insulin effectively. Insulin is needed to help control the amount of sugar in the body. As a result, blood sugar and fat levels rise. Other risk factors include aging, genes that make you more likely to develop this condition, hormone changes, and lack of exercise. In osteoporosis the bone mineral density (BMD) is reduced, bone microarchitecture deteriorates, and the amount and variety of proteins in bone is altered. Risks can be reduced with lifestyle changes and sometimes medication; in people with this condition, treatment may involve both. Lifestyle change includes diet and exercise, and preventing falls. Medications include proper forms of calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, trace elements and perhaps bisphosphonates. Enrolling in the Millers Wellness Program can help you to identify the causes and treatments for symptoms of these conditions.

Weight-Loss Program
A weight-loss program must be tailored to the individual. Simply reducing calories may not have the desired effect. The Millers Weight-Loss Program starts with a detailed questionnaire, which asks questions about your eating, your lifestyle, and your general health. Millers works right alongside your medical practitioner in any weight-loss program. After you begin your program, a Millers Program Coordinator will follow up regularly to check your progress and offer any support or changes to your program as needed.

Nutritional Analysis
We are a nutrient depleted society. These days, approximately two-thirds of the calories in the diets of most Americans come from the following four food groups that are basically devoid of nutritional value: processed sugar, fats and oils, processed grains, and alcohol. Prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines also deplete our bodies of necessary nutrients. At Millers, we can work with your doctor to advise on proper supplementation. We call it side-effect management through nutritional intervention.

Millers Hormone Replacement Therapy
Hormones have a significant effect in regulating your metabolism — meaning, they affect your energy, vitality, weight control, mood, sleep, and nutrient utilization. Replacement of appropriate hormones supplemented with proper diet and exercise can bring back health and vitality. Compounded hormones can be tailor-made to match individual needs. In women, HRT has been known to reduce the symptoms of menopause, and may protect against osteoporosis.


A Millers on-staff Clinical Nutritionist can conduct a complete nutritional evaluation for you to get you on the path to feeling great again!

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