When Your Pet Needs Medicine

January 4, 2013 by

Veterinary Compounding

If you’ve ever tried to give your cat a pill, you know what we’re talking bout. The veterinarian made it sound so easy, but Big Tom spat the pill onto the floor and stalked away to hide under the couch. After lying on your stomach for 10 minutes and pleading to no avail, you gave up.


There IS an alternative to tackling, holding, and forcing your beloved pet to take medicine. Here, at Millers Pharmacy, our regulated and inspected compounding pharmacy can prepare specific formulations to appeal to your cat’s love of tuna or your dog’s taste for meat. We can even formulate special fruit-flavored medications in small, concentrated doses for birds.


Your precious pets are individual and unique. Trust us to help you care for them by formulating their medications in the dosage and form your vet has called for. We’ve been doing it for decades. We’ve created a nebulizer tent for a parrot, an antibiotic liquid for a frog, and even a total nutritional solution for a python. We love them whether they have fur, fins, feathers, or scales. The next time your cat, dog, bird, reptile, or rodent needs medicine, have your vet give us a call. We’ll hop right to it and prepare the medicine your pet needs to get back on his paws (or claws). www.millerspharmacy.com


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